Treat Your Loved Ones, Have A Home-Made Fruity Chocolate Bar

I personally have a sweet tooth. If you are not like me, then I can only envy you.

And chocolate and chocolate treats are some of the hardest to resist desserts for me. I don’t make those that often, because I try not to give my children too many sweets to eat, but sometimes even they, and I, deserve to be treated.

Today, I present a very easy recipe for preparing a delicious home-made fruity chocolate bar. This recipe would take no time at all to prepare and the chocolate cubes and sweets you get at the end are super scrumptious. The fruit cuts the sweetness and adds some freshness, just don’t have too much of these at one time!

The best part for me is that every time you make this, you can add different fruit and have a completely new kind of sweets on the table. Try it!

Fruity Chocolate Bar and Sweets Make fruity chocolate bar

What you’ll need:

  • ice cube tray or small chocolates mould

  • 1-2 chocolates (plain, milk or white)

  • fresh fruit – strawberries, pitted cherries, etc.


  1. Fill the ice cube tray or small chocolates mould you are using with melted chocolate (melted in the microwave oven or in a bowl over boiling water)

  2. Add in every hole the fruit you want to use, if they are too big cut them smaller

  3. Put in the freezer for a couple of hours

Use more chocolate if you want to fill all of the ice cube tray/s you are using, don’t forget to add some chocolate on top and smooth it so when it is ready to look as a real, extremely delicious, chocolate bar. You can also add some double cream, just a little bit, to the melted chocolate as well. Fruity chocolate sweets

Treat your loved ones! Enjoy!


Use your ice cube trays, which you can find in different shapes, to create these chocolate treats.

Or, if you want to add some sophistication and elegance to the final product, use any of the small chocolates moulds available on the market. That way you would be able to make scrumptious bonbons that look beautifully at the same time.

I like using the moulds because they are really easy to use – just fill the holes up, smoother the top and leave to set. Also, you can find them anywhere and they are not expensive at all.

Best of all, you can use them to practice your creativity. Use the moulds to make sweets with different taste, prepare small appetizers or desserts, even ice cubes. And, because I chose to have moulds in shapes my kids like, when I serve what I made using the moulds I always get the reaction I am hoping for – happy faces, full tummies, pleased guests.

Click here to see some of the accessories I use when I create chocolate treats for my little ones or for special occasions.

You will also find some ideas how to create something different for your next special occasion or just the next time you want to make your loved ones extra happy.

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