Use Your Multi Cooker, Appliance That Can Help You Every Day

I like using my multi cooker, it really helps me prepare different meals every day without too much effort. Sometimes we all come home after running errands during the day or going to work/school and the meal is waiting for us – warm and yummy. I don’t need much more to be a happy mama.

I am still using the same multi cooker and I am still as happy about it as the first time we got it – Tefal Multi Cook Advanced 45-in-1 RK812142, click here to see my review.

What You Can Do With Your Multi Cooker

I like this household appliance, because it helps you cook delicious dishes for the whole family without you doing almost anything and the best of all – you can use it to cook the food you need for any one of the meals during the day. 

I’ve used the multi cooker to:

  • prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners

  • make appetizers and side-dishes

  • bake bread and cakes

  • prepare desserts

Not only that, but you can have the meals waiting for you, ready-to-eat, exactly when you get home. And then, because the pot is made of materials that do not allow food to get burnt, the cleaning is so easy – no need to scrub and get tired after the meal.

The appliance offers 45 programs to use, allowing you to fry, stew, bake, steam, make soup, porridge, rice, yoghurt, etc. That’s more than you will ever need. I, personally, probably have never used all the programs, but when I need the appliance it never disappoints.

Save Time And Money While Cooking Your Favourite Recipes

One of the best things the multi cooker offers is that it helps you save time when preparing the food your loved ones enjoy. You can put all the ingredients in the pot in the morning before going to work and set the start time, then when you get home you will have the meal waiting for you. Or you can put everything needed in the evening and have a delicious warm breakfast ready to serve when you wake up.

I really like to spend time with my family and especially my kids. Although I have a kid with special needs and that means that I need to have more time to pay attention to them, I would still have done it even if they didn’t need it. I like to be able to have yummy food for the people I love and still be with them while everything is being prepared.

I should say that the multi cooker helped me involve my kid with special needs in preparing the food and he loves it. Because the only thing we need to do is put the ingredients in the pot, he does that happily and feels like he made the dish. Then when I start the program and leave the appliance to do its magic, I am free to play with my kids and/or finish other tasks that need to be done. That is why I’ve loved my multi cooker since the first time I’ve tried it.

The other thing that this appliance can help you with is save money while cooking the family meals. This appliance will help you cut the bills, because:

  • all you need is to use one appliance for a specific time of the day, you can even set it to cook only during the night and use the cheaper electricity rates;

  • you can use cheaper ingredients (for example, use cheaper cuts of meat or dry beans instead of canned) and still prepare extra delicious meals;

  • all these appliances usually use less electricity than when you use your oven, just check they are A rated (energy efficient) model when you are buying them;

  • you can cook in bulk – the appliance will help you cook that special meal every one at home loves, just freeze the leftovers and use in the next weeks

If you have already used a multi cooker or similar appliances, share your impressions about it and what you like the best prepared in it. Just leave a comment below.

Conclusion: Don’t Get Tired in the Kitchen, Enjoy your Time

I know I have said many, many times in my blog that I like using my multi cooker. That is true, but don’t take me wrong – I am not advocating that you should definitely have one, I am just sharing with you my experience using one of these appliances.

I am a busy mother, mother that has a special needs child which leaves me even less time to cook so I am happy that I decided to buy a multi cooker and I am using it on a regular basis.

What’s more, having a multi cooker turned out to be great not only because of the reasons I shared above, but also because this appliance gives you endless cooking possibilities it helped my family cut on the take-outs. I admit that I love Chinese food and sometimes we liked to have take-out food. But since I got the multi cooker, I’d like to say that my family prefers eating home-cooked meals and I don’t even remember already when was the last time we had a take-out. Now we eat more healthy, but still delicious, fresh food.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any suggestions or recommendations or want to share what your favourite kitchen appliance is that you most often use, just leave a comment below.

Have a lovely day!

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