As I’ve said in other posts before, baking has become inevitable part of my everyday life.

I don’t know if that is because I have small children or I would continue doing it even after they grow up, but for the moment I have accepted my faith – I am preparing, whisking, kneading something every day of the year.

That is why I think, to make my life easier, I like to have an electric mixer.

Electric mixer is a very clever machine that can do all the hard work for you. And you can use it for many things to prepare easily, very quickly and most importantly, without any sweat.

You can use it to:

  • mix the batter when you are baking and prepare cakes, cookies, sweet pies, etc.

  • whip cream to use as a cake decoration

  • make bread dough and prepare delicious home-made bread

  • whip also egg whites to use in your omelettes, meringues or soufflés

Having an electric mixer is very helpful if you enjoy baking and preparing delicious meals for the people you love.


Product: Andrew James Electric Food Stand Mixer Electric mixer1

Price: £79.99 (RRP £103.99)

Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

Guarantee: 2 Year Fixed Warranty

Size of container: 5.2litre

My rating: 8/10

The mixer has 6 power levels plus pulse.

It is equipped with splash guard to keep the cook and kitchen clean.

Having a large, 5.2 litre, bowl makes the mixer ready to prepare large quantities of treats you might need for your party or coming special occasions

The mixer comes with 4 attachment – dough hook, flexible beater blade, metal beater and whisk. Use them and prepare versatile delights:

  • dough hook – knead dough and heavy cake mixes

  • flexible beater blade – this blade helps you with mixtures that always stick to the bowl, the beater blade would sweep the bowl and that making sure all the ingredients are well-incorporated

  • metal beater – for lighter mixes such as batter, dips and sauces

  • whisk – for whisking egg whites and creams

Andrew James 1300Watt Electric Food Stand Mixer is a must-have for every home baker. It comes in magnificent red and would look great on your kitchen board.


The electric food mixer makes all the hard work in the kitchen fun. Use it to mix, whip, stir, knead the ingredients you are using to prepare delicacies your family would enjoy.

I sometimes avoid preparing something we all love just because it needs a lot of hand-work and I either do not have the time to do it or I am just feeling a little bit lazy that day.

But using the electric food mixer would make things easy and you would have no excuse to spoil your loved ones.

And because you are not tired at the end of the day, you can enjoy the meal with the people you love or by yourself, without anything spoiling the joy of tasting the flavours.

I most often use the electric mixer when preparing cake mixtures and creams or when I want to make bread. But you can experiment with the meals you love and prepare unique and extremely delicious recipes with your favourite ingredients.

Below I present one of my family’s most favourite home-made bread recipe. My grandma and my mum used to make similar bread loaves, but I’d never paid attention. Then I found this easy to make recipe online – kulinar.bg

After preparing this bread for the first time, we all loved it. Now I make them very often, including as part of a celebratory meals as well.

When they are still warm, they just melt in your mouth. Even if you spread some butter on it, that would be tasty enough for a little snack.

You can serve them both warm and cold. And preparing them can not be easier. Try it!

Small Bread Loaves with Cheese Home-made bread


  • 125gr butter, you can use salted or unsalted

  • 2cups flour

  • 1cup plain yoghurt mixed with 1 tbsp bicarbonate of soda

  • 200gr cheddar cheese, grated


  1. In the electric mixer bowl put all the ingredients and knead it for a couple of minutes, until well-combined

  2. Grease your hands with oil and from the dough prepare 8-10 balls. Arrange them in a baking tray, lined with parchment paper

  3. On top of every dough ball make a small hole with your thumb and put ½tsp butter

  4. Bake in the oven at 200ºC until golden, about 20-30 minutes

Serve them warm with your favourite meal or just a platter of meat and/or cheese.


I know preparing cakes and desserts, savoury treats, baking – all of these can be really tiring and eliminate the joy of eating them later.

That is why I suggest – use an electric mixer to make your life in the kitchen easier and to achieve best results.

I personally prefer to use a standing electric mixer that looks like a machine and not the hand electric mixer. That is, not only, because it is safer to use around small children and adults as it is not moving around the plot, but mainly because you can achieve always the perfect result when you need it, because the speed and reach of mixing don’t depend on how bored I am, if I am standing still or moving, whether I need to move the bowl so that to get all the ingredients, etc. Instead, the machine does all the hard work. I and my loved ones then just enjoy the results!

I believe that Andrew James Electric Food Stand Mixer can make your cooking easier and that every home-baker should have one. Then, just deliver treat after treat to the people you love.

This electric mixer is very easy to use and the results are always as expected. Use it to prepare breakfasts, lunches and special dinners, you can use it every day all year round. Save your time and energy to enjoy the delicious things in life.

I hope you enjoyed my review. If you want to get in touch with me or have a suggestion or idea how to better a recipe, leave a comment below.

Enjoy your meals!


  1. Jenny

    Can see how having an electric mixer would be helpful if you enjoy baking. I would definitely buy one. I have never cooked or baked in my life though – well just a couple of times maybe. Not something I enjoy. I stick things in the oven from time to time lol
    The small bread loves with cheese look yummy.

    1. Ellie

      Hi Jenny. I should admit I wasn’t very interested in cooking in my teenage and young adult years, but then when I became a mother for the first time I started cooking more often and realised that it was fun and, most importantly, the results are usually very delicious.

      You say you don’t enjoy baking. Well, baking might be hard work, especially with all the mixing of the ingredients and kneading them. That is why I love my electric mixer – it does all the hard work. I just make the bread, cake or other dessertspretty and enjoy them with my loved ones.

      Have a great day.

  2. Louis

    Hi Ellie,

    Your article is simple but precise. And I am just glad to come across and be able to get some ideas what to buy for my wife for her coming birthday. She just likes cooking and baking and I believe this electric mixer can bring a lot of fun in her food making process

    Thanks for your sharing


    1. Ellie

      Thank you for your comments, Louis. I use my electric mixer almost every day when preparing food for my family and I think it is a practical gift that everyone that enjoys baking would appreciate.

      All the best from me

  3. Derek Marshall

    Hi There,

    Electric kitchen aids definitely will make life in the kitchen much easier the electric food stand mixer mentioned is great due to the variety of uses that it can be used for, in fact can be used pretty much daily for those who are living healthily and baking their own goods such as cakes, breads and cookies!

    1. Ellie

      Thank you for your comments.

      As a mother and somebody who loves to bake (I regularly prepare home made bread and cakes) I love my electric mixer. It saves me a lot of time and the results are always perfect.

      All the best from me


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